Some of the consulting services ExecuTrain can provide include:

Database design and creation

Let ExecuTrain design and develop a new database for you, or let us update and refine your existing databases. Our designers will carefully plan the database to maximize its effectiveness. We can also provide training and support around the databases we create to lessen the learning curve of a new process to your team.

Technical writing

ExecuTrain has a team of technical writers that are skilled in various types of end-user software. They write using the principles of adult learning methodology, ensuring that the end result is easy to understand, easy to train from and geared towards the adult learner.

360-degree assessment services

360-degree feedback assessments are powerful tools for helping individuals develop and improve their skills. 360-degree assessments take input from supervisors, co-workers, clients and subordinates in order to improve an individual’s performance, which in turn, improves organizational performance. ExecuTrain can administer the 360-degree assessments and coach to the individual’s weaknesses.

IT help desk consulting/support

Whether you have recently lost some of your IT team or need extra IT people on staff for a very busy period, ExecuTrain can help. We can provide you with extra IT staff to help cut down on everyone’s frustration when you are in a pinch.

Future Search

Future Search is a client-centered approach of guided evolution toward a desired future, where focus is placed upon a desired future potential rather than past mistakes. The Future Search Conference consists of 4 or 5 sessions lasting up to one-half day each. Participants work together versus sitting and reacting resulting in new perspectives for the future that stimulate motivation, optimism, and true action.

Paperless form creation/automation

Is your company still using paper-based forms? Let our team help convert those forms to an electronic format to reduce paper waste and double entry of information.

Pre and post training assessments

Assessments are a great way to prove the return on your training investment. ExecuTrain has a range of assessment services that can monitor the success of your training- whether in-house or using ExecuTrain trainers.

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