Executrain Online computer training or professional development training is a great solution for companies looking to provide on-demand, anytime training for one or many employees. Arm your staff with the convenience of training online. ExecuTrain of Kentucky offers thousands of courses that can be bundled for the specific needs of you and your team.
eLearning delivers more training to more people, and can be very cost efficient, leaving more for your bottom line. Online learning can be used alone or coupled with instructor-led learning, which allows the classroom learning experience to expand to day-to-day use. Since learning isn’t an event, but an ongoing process, e-Learning supports and augments each instructor-led learning experience.

Benefits of Online Learning:

  • Employees learn when they have the time, increasing participation.
  • Available online anytime.
  • A wide range of courses means employees receive all the training they need.
  • When new training needs arise, they can be met immediately.
  • Consistent training anywhere in the world.

Sample Class Titles:

(click each title to expand course list)

Computer Training: Desktop Classes

Computer Training: Advanced Certifications

Graphic Design Programs

Project Management

Professional Development

Have a learning management system (LMS)? Our online learning courses can be hosted on our LMS or can be uploaded to your own! The flexibility of management and tracking of training activity through any learning management system means increased accountability for employees and better reports for managers to track employee performance.

Want to learn more about learning management systems (LMS)? Find out more here.