Meaningful Use

With the enormous investment of money, time and manpower to establish Electronic Health Records (EHR), there are many potential areas for project costs to spiral out of control. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 30%-50% of all clinical practices that try to implement an EHR system give up before the process is completed! With $27 billion in funds to be given out by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (as established by the American  Recovery and Reinvestment Act), the time is right for practices to  demonstrate “Meaningful Use” in order to earn the maximum reimbursement amount to cover the enormous costs associated with the EHR implementation.

While many provider administrators worry about the technical components and requirements of Meaningful Use, the equally important considerations of the end-users of the technology must not be forgotten.

Some of the key performance indicators of Meaningful Use include who is using the EHR, how often are they using it, is additional training required, does performance impact adoption, are the appropriate workflows being used, and how does performance impact productivity.

This is where ExecuTrain comes in.  Our team of professionals with EHR implementation experience can measure and pro actively manage deployment, adoption and EHR usage.

Approaches for enhancing Meaningful Use include:

  • Strong project management
  • Learning Management System (LMS) to maintain training records
  • On-demand,  web-based tutorials
  • Online, context-sensitive help
  • Training simulations
  • End user materials such as job cards, help desk documentation, FAQ’s, etc
  • Supplemental help desk support

Beyond initial go-live training, sustained Meaningful Use requires a strong knowledge base and continuously updated resources for current or new staff, particularly in high-turnover positions. ExecuTrain of Kentucky helps provider organizations create, maintain and administer these materials to ensure Meaningful Use will continue.

To view all of the requirements of Meaningful Use, visit the HIMSS Meaningful Use OneSource,  a repository with hundreds of links and documents on the subject.

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