Sales and Competitive Differentiators

by ExecuTrain on June 13, 2011

A great post from the Solution Selling Blog written by Ken Cross. Check out the excerpt below and find the link to the entire article. For more information on Solution Selling, contact us anytime.

Recently, my company launched a new sales initiative that was a bit of a surprise to me: Our CEO would be taking to the phones to personally call some of the sales leads and opportunities in our sales pipeline (or any deal that we would ask him to take a swing at, for that matter). Additionally, he would even be calling a few of our leads to get some first-hand exposure to the customers that were interested in our services.

This initiative got me thinking to back to when I was in the market to buy a new car. I spent a lot of time with many different salespeople and visited  each company’s website. But, despite being a ‘hot lead’, I never got a personal introduction to Takeo Fukui, CEO of Honda, Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota, or Takashi Yamanouchi, CEO of Mazda. So, why does this type of sales approach resonate so well with our customers and our sales team?

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