The demise of solution selling

by ExecuTrain on December 2, 2011

Wonderful article from our friends at SPI and Solution Selling®. There IS a difference between solution selling and Solution Selling®.

You can’t really blame our competitors for trying to do and say things to tarnish our brand, Solution Selling® – it’s the nature of the beast when you are among the market leaders… we take it as a confirmation of a leadership position.

When we do confront our detractors on their mischaracterizations, such as “solution selling is dead” or “that methodology is old” or “it’s just an approach where you ask 20 questions and hope you find a problem you can address” they usually come back with the same response… “We didn’t mean your trademarked methodology; we meant the general concept of solution selling.” Read more to learn about the methods, concepts, and tools in our version of Solution Selling®

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