The Effects of Training on Employee Performance

by ExecuTrain on December 14, 2010

Came across this interesting article on how employee development should be thought of as a positive move of employers, rather than a dreaded all day training session.

Why Employee Development Is Important

Employee development is something that most people imagine as intrusive all-day group training sessions. Unfortunately, this dreaded approach to employee development is just the opposite of how employee development should occur and feel to employees. Employee development can manifest itself in many forms of training, evaluations, educational programs, and even feedback. If executed correctly, the effects of training on employee performance can often encourage growth within the worker and the organization itself.
Click here for the full article.

ExecuTrain of Kentucky works hard to have engaging, personal, professional training solutions that tie in directly with an employees specific job goals and objectives. We also have solutions that offer complete training tracking for entire organizations, whether for compliance or for employee assessment.

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