Training Grant Assistance

For the past 20 years, ExecuTrain of Kentucky has been assisting companies through the various training grants available through the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We can build comprehensive training plans for your employees, and help locate additional funding sources available to make the best use of your training investment.

Grants reimburse your company up to 50% of the training costs you incur. This allows you to train more employees than your current budget might allow, all while keeping your business competitive in the global economy.

“… In addition to excellent project management, ExecuTrain has assisted our company with extensive paperwork to secure grant money for multiple educational initiatives throughout the organization. Whether providing us with corporate wide training, specific application training or refresher training, ExecuTrain puts all their focus on the customer and goes the extra step to ensure our satisfaction.”


Are you a manufacturing firm?

Any Kentucky manufacturing firm is eligible for grant funding.

Is the majority of your organization’s income generated outside the state of Kentucky?

If so, then your company makes an economic impact to the state and you may be eligible for grant funding.

Are you a public or non-profit hospital?

All public or non-profit hospitals licensed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky are eligible for grant funding.

ExecuTrain can help with each step of the grant process:

  • Seek funding opportunities for your company.
  • Fill out and assist with the application paperwork.
  • Represent your company at grant meetings, audits, etc.
  • Maintain the documentation and keep it on file for five years, as required for auditing purposes.
  • Strategize with you to prioritize your training needs and maximize your funding.

Starting the process is easy. Contact us and your account representative will work with you and our full time grant administrator to help guide your company through the process.