Why Excel??

by Ann Jeanette Starks on July 15, 2014

We have all heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder”.  With businesses expecting more productivity from fewer resources, this saying is more appropriate in today’s work environment than ever before.  Using software and applications such as Microsoft Excel, we can become more productive employees and better mangers of our time.   So…what are some of the benefits of using Excel?

Easily Organize Data

Working with large data sets can make it difficult to find, update, and track information.  There are several tools available in Excel that makes working with such spreadsheets more efficient.  Commands such as Sort, Filter, Find and Replace, Remove Duplicates, and Data Validation not only make organizing your data more efficient, but can protect data integrity.


Using formulas can save time, reduce errors, simplify workflow, and preserve data integrity.


A function is a preset formula in Excel. Like formulas, functions begin with the equal sign ( = ) followed by the function’s name and its arguments. The function name tells Excel what calculation to perform. The arguments are contained inside round brackets. For example, a spreadsheet contains a large data set that and you only want to sum specific data based on criteria.  A user can utilize the SumIf function to perform this operation.

Formatting Command

Not only is it important to protect the integrity and accuracy of your data, but that same data should be easy to read.  Several formatting commands are available in Excel including, text formatting, cell alignment, borders, shading and number formatting.

Easy Data Analysis

Excel makes it easy to produce professional looking charts and graphs, making data analysis quick and easy to translate.  Several chart types are available:  column, bar, line, and scatter plot are just a few.  It is also easy to add trend analysis and forecasting are also easily added to charts.  Pivot Tables summarize large amounts of data making your data more organized and functional.


-Ann Jeanette Starks is an instructor and has been with ExecuTrain of Kentucky since 2006.

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